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Tax Urban Blog

In order to ease the administration of tax in Nigeria, the tax authority issues TIN to individuals, businesses and companies. Much like your matric number when you enter a particular university, your TIN identifies you in all your transactions that have tax undertones. The obtaining of TIN is free and may take a minimum of 2 week depending on the tax office you visit.

The importance of obtaining your TIN as a business owner, no matter your business structure, is seen in circumstances such as: when you decide to open a business/corporate account, when you want to obtain your Tax Clearance Certificate, in your application for Trade Licenses, in your application for Import and Export permits, in your bid to access the forex market or government loans for your business and most importantly it is required when a business wishes to take advantage of tax incentives, allowances etc in their…

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Child molestation

Child molestation is the invading of a child’s human right. There are different kinds of child molestation, they are:

1.Harsh treatment: Children are vulnerable beings, they tend to make mistakes. They have never been at that stage before neither do they have much experience. When ever they do wrong, correcting them in love is the best way to get your child to learn and not be afraid of you.

2. Sexual molestation: This is when an adult either male or female, sexually assault a young child. The child is mostly raped or forced to engage in sexual acts. Many of this children are threatened not to report otherwise they would be killed or something terrible would happen to them

3. Kidnapping: This is taking a child away from their parents, depriving them of their peace and comfort. During this act, the child is not sure of what would happen to him or her, so therefore the child would be scared.

There are effects of all this molestations on them

1. Psychological trauma

2. Low self esteem

3. Different sicknesses

4.violent behavior

5. Isolation, etc.

Please let us all be vigilante and report any molestation case.

All photographs used are sourced from google.com



Love is such a deep feeling, its more than physical attraction, its more spiritual than physical. When you love someone, be it,God, your spouse, friend, parent, siblings, anyone at all, you would want to be around them, you would always want to please them.

In between love, there are so many things that can go wrong if ignored. Before love occurs, there should be two bodies involved, either between two people or a person and an object or animal. I would be dwelling on love between two people.

The first and the most important thing, is loving the person for who they are. I know so many people love for different reasons. Love a person for who they are and not what you can gain from them. There would be times where by the person can not keep giving you what you are gaining from them, would you then leave them? You can only try to talk to them if you don’t like some things about him/her, but you cannot completely change the person without the Holy Spirit!

Oh my gosh!!! Guys! This is so important!!! Your partner can’t be perfect, I mean,you both have different up bringing, and personality , surely you may not be pleased with some things. Hold on and accommodate their flaws because you ain’t perfect too.

Keep your promises!!! Don’t promise and fail, if you cannot fulfill it find away to make your partner understand. Be a person of your words. Its better not to make promises when you are not sure.

forgiveness is key!!! You both would annoy each other, you may even disappoint one another, but be quick to forgive, it helps to keep the relationship strong. As a Christian, imagine if God doesn’t forgive us of our sins??? Trust me, it would be terrible! When you forgive you would be free to relate with the person.

communication is key!!!! Talk about anything and everything! Don’t be shy, and don’t be quick to judge or condemn. Be a good listener, be patient and kind in your words and action. Like they say, actions speaks louder than words!!

Don’t be too serious or too “holy” to make your partner laugh!!! Laughter, the say heals. Tickle, say something funny, or make funny faces, just do something to make him/her laugh

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Hey guys!!!! Did you miss me? I sure did miss you! Welcome back to my blog. So much happened in the past few months, new hobbies, change of interest, schooling, love finding me, exploring new things, understanding so many things! I mean, just so much to mention!

So guys, I would be sharing with you some exciting things, like, “love and other things in between”, “the struggle of a young Christian lady”, “growing in the understanding of Jesus Christ”. And so much more!!!!

Putting a smile on your face is one thing I would love to achieve and ……. I’m going to try to do more stuffs for you, so tell a friend to tell another friend to visit my blog often! You surely don’t want to miss out on this posts!!!

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“I love you”

These words are frequently used among lovers, and any other kind of relationship. I most times wonder how many people mean these words. To love someone is to put the person’s needs before yours, and to think of the person before you think of yourself.

One thing I am most concern about is, why  most African parent find it difficult to say “I love you” to their kids? Hardly do you hear them say it! Kids need to hear these nice and kind words, it gives them a sense of assurance and belonging! I have noticed that  children who grew up in  homes where by they are told these words, tend to be more happy than chilren who grew up not hearing them.

It is so common that most African parents do not show so much love to their kids. I mean, you would see them beat the child so badly, using all kinds of things to cane the child, you would hear them cursing the child with so many negative words – all in the name of correcting the child,you would even wonder if they are the ones that gave birth to the child. A child’s heart is so tender and needs no harsh treatment, they need that warmness from their parents or guidians, so that they can give love and kindness back to the society. No wonder as little as age 2, you will hear insultive words out of the mouth of a typical African child.

If you are a parent or a soon to be parent and you are reading this, you really need to share this article, because many kids are going through tough time just because their parents are difficult to talk to, or they are scared they can get beaten, or they are scared of their parents. Every child needs a loving parent, because they are the role models  they see and also the first contact of the society to them.

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Pad the Girl

A visit to IGBOLOGUN in Nigeria, revealed that girls in this community use rags, old foams, wet newspapers etc to care for their menstrual flow. Most of them miss school for about 5-7 days, during their menstrual period. 

     Do you to know that 1 in every 10 girls in Africa is absent from school for about 5days during her period every month, due to menstrual related issues? -UNESCO. Just in 2015 sanitary pads were sold at N150. Now I pay N400 for the exact same pad. Girls that miss school are far more exposed to the risk of unwanted pregnancy, female genital  mutilation etc. 

we were taken aback when we discovered that IGBOLOGUN community had a significant number of pregnant teenage girls. In this community, there is a sense of laxity that enables these young girls to engage in sexual activities. This is essentially fuelled by high level of poverty. Many young girls are lured with money by the okada riders and boat operators- that appear to them as rich in the community.  

     Since the hike in the price of sanitary pads from N150 to N400, young girls have resorted to using old foams, rags, wet newspaper, sitting on sand etc as a means to manage menstrual flow.  

To support *IgbologunVision1000:*
Please visit on http://bit.ly/2nkfbsX



Demi: 08168828774

Ada: 08063457250

Menstruation is not a luxury; every girl deserves dignity, *PERIOD*



I heard the most sadding news of all time! In Libya, people are being sold in slavery! Why do we have these in this time, I thought we have grown pass these trash! It’s sad that Africans are selling Africans, all because they are immigrants, all this immigrants wanted was a better life, and a promising future!

This modern day slavery is just wicked! According to one of them that was interviewed, he said “that if no one comes to buy you within a week, that they would begin to torture you so that your money can come quickly. Many people die every day, some are often beaten, sometimes, they would put sharp objects in their butthole, I was here for eight months before someone came to buy me” 

I just can’t believe it!!! They put sharp objects into their butthole! How wicked and unfair. let us, as Africans come together to fight this! This has to stop, we say NO TO SLAVERY!!!

according to NCFRMI and angel 4 life foundation, 242 Nigerian immigrants was brought home yesterday the 28th of Nov 2017. I really thank Nikki loye for joining hands with the Fedral Government of Nigeria to bring back our people! For the first time I must say I am proud of our government. They also promise that more people would be coming back home. 

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Your Media Space

Today, I learnt something new, I know many of you already know about this whole digital and media thing, but to me it was eye-opening, and I loved every beat of it. I don’t think I have ever mentioned it here, that I am currently a Nigerian corper (even tho i’m almost done), we had a program organised by mindthegap.com and digital skills Africa, the guy really talked about the importance of the digital world.Screenshot_2017-11-24-17-39-02

One thing he really emphasized is building an online presence.  This is so important because the world is moving to the internet. Right now, things sell faster via media platforms, e.g. Konga, Amazon, Jiji.com, etc. Companies these days go online to find prospective workers, and sometimes even after you have done an interview, they still go to check your social media to be sure if you are who you say you are. (I know you are thinking how would they check my social media, what has that got to do with getting a job,etc, blahblah……..),but my dear, it has a lot to do with it, that’s why you have to be careful with what you post on Facebook, instagram, Twitter, etc.Screenshot_2017-11-24-16-13-22

He also made us understand that there are jobs online, you can be a freelancer, or a social media manager, content manager, web designer, blogger, interaction designer, etc. If u want to know more visit https://skillcrush.com/2015/03/05/41-tech-job-titles/ . It’s important to know that there is money online, and you can even school online, I mean there are a lot to do and gain on the internet.Screenshot_2017-11-24-16-12-05

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The 5 Love Languages

I read a book called the 5 love languages by Gery Chapman, and it is super interesting, thanx to a friend who hooked me up with It.  It is funny how the neglect of things like this can distroy a home. Join me as I unfold what I learnt from it,and as I reveal what your love language is.screenshot_2017-10-31-09-35-38.png

  1. Words of affirmation: This is when you tell your spouse words like, they are beautiful, they smell good, you love them, or anything sweet. This is common for women, but there are still men that love hearing this words. By saying those words you are assuring them that you still love and care for them. It is funny how this words can solve little problems in Your marriage.Screenshot_2017-10-31-09-37-27
  2. Quality time: spending enough time with your spouse is what some people like. Going on dates, dropping your office work just to be with them, watching movies or football together, knowing more things about your spouse,etc. So many couples go through divorce because their husband or wife do not have time for them, they are always busy, they would even come home late, etc. So, spending quality time is just what you may need to revive the spark in your relationship.Screenshot_2017-10-31-09-37-37
  3. Receiving gift: Many people love receiving gifts weither big or small gifts, treats, or surprises,etc. When you give gifts to your spouse, you are telling them you appreciate their effort and you love them. Most women love receiving gifts, likewise men. If you do not know what to buy for them, stylishly ask them what they need, then give it to them as a gift.Screenshot_2017-10-31-09-38-02
  4. Act of service: This is when you help your spouse to do things that they would have done. Helping your spouse is very important, it shows that you care and you are willing to support them. Lack of this is a major cause of divorce this days. Most men leave their wife to cook, wash the dishes, clean the house, do the laundry and so many other stuff, while they just sit and wait for everything to be done. By just helping in one way or another, the spark in your relationship would still be burning. this act is what I call the act of kindness.Screenshot_2017-10-31-09-37-05
  5. physical touch: This can not be over emphasized, most people really need and enjoy this. Most men enjoy this alot, so do women,They love it when you touch their hair, give hugs, give a goodbye kiss in the morning, light massages, foreplay before sex, etc. By doing this, you are simply telling your spouse that you are still attracted to them.Screenshot_2017-10-31-09-36-06 There you have it! The 5 Love Languages. You may have been wondering why your spouse is not showing you that much love, well maybe because he or she doesn’t know your love language, you do not have to fight with him or her, just find a way to talk about this love languages.                                                                                      

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Nigerians and kindness

Nigerians are the most accommodating people I know, they care for their families and friends, including foreigners. In an average Nigerian society, when a white man comes around, they would make him feel at home and help him in areas he needs help. Most people find it easy to give or render help to a foreigner.Screenshot_2017-10-30-10-18-42

I have noticed somthing about Nigerians, we do not show kindness to our fellow Nigerians. We would rather show kindness and love to a foreigner. People say that no one can be trusted, some people pretend to have issues, we do not know who is who, what if you render help to someone and something bad happens, bla bla bla!!!! I like to take my examples from Jesus Christ, He fed people, He healed people, He blessed people, He was known for His kindness towards people, he was never afraid, even if He was killed He is still being kind to everyone. So many people suffer because someone who has money to help him or her refuses to render the help, churches this days no longer give free education, free medicals and food bank.Screenshot_2017-10-30-10-19-16It is so pressing in my heart! I just wonder why there is so much selfishness all around, people only care about their families and what they can gain! Please let us make it a point of duty to be kind to every one around us. Give water to those who need it, give food to those who need it, give out your old cloths and shoes that are still good and be a blessing to people around you.Screenshot_2017-10-30-10-19-36

I have not forgotten about the 5 love languages.

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